Friday, 20 May 2011

The Lost Star by G. Allana

G. Allana

The cell of my being was small indeed
But there began the infinitude of God
With its endless immensity,
In the mirror of eternity
Countless cities and deserts throbbed within me.

Many constellations shone lustrously
I was larger than the world
Which I held in the grip of my fingers.

What has happened now?

Who am I?

An insignificant atom

In a chaotic cosmos

Someone has drugged my Soul
Another has stolen my Light
No longer I am the same I was.

I now reason with truth,
Argued with the irrefutable,
Blur with doubt the mirror of Reality,
Demolished the image of the Almighty.

I am another man
Of the race of the damned;
I am the dead man
And I wander in visionary worlds
In search of the Primeval Spark
That lent Light
To the Star that I have lost.


  1. Ghulam Ali Allana was friend and biographer of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. He was an English language Pakistani poet and also a councillor and friend to Fatima Jinnah, Muhammad Ali Jinnah's sister.
    Ghulam Ali Allana was born to an Ismaili Khoja family and died in Karachi. His book of poetry, "At the Gate of Love" is known for the mysticism of the poetry.
    His son, Pyar Ali Allana, is a politician and was a member of the parliament during Benazir Bhutto's era as the prime minister of the country.