Saturday, 21 May 2011

One word, Grief.

One word.
Used to describe so many emotions.
Hollowness, pain, anger, guilt,
Hurting, sadness, lonley,
Do I need to say more.
One word, Grief.

Don't say you have been there,
You may have lost someone, something,
but your grief is not the same as mine.

Grief, does not explain how I feel

    • Thomasa McLemore So sad but very real...words cant explain the deep pains of the Heart..
      28 April at 01:02 ·

    • Heidi Shaw WOW!!!!!So very accurate!! Thank you Jawaid!! I am in awe of your brillance♥
      28 April at 01:12 

    • Hilde Ikke it's sad, but true....x
      28 April at 04:28 

    • Dorje Vajra ♥ yes
      28 April at 05:17 

    • 28 April at 06:01 ·  ·

    • 28 April at 12:50 

    • Muhammad Munir O little birdie! I share in your grief and send you my love.
      28 April at 13:00 

    • Mohsin Bilal only love?
      28 April at 13:56 

    • 05 May at 12:04 

    • Anis Mamun nice
      05 May at 20:52 

    • Tommye Rodrigues Does grief go deeper than this? I don't think so.
      09 May at 12:32 

    • Memon Kashif why should i welcome such a guest as a grief!!! why should everyone..
      09 May at 19:22 

    • We do not welcome grief but in viewing it our humanity is awakened, we recognize in others' suffering our own potential for suffering or our own experience of suffering and we are reminded that even in this extremity of suffering, life goes.

        • Memon Kashif “Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each other, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation.”
          July 10 at 2:17am 

        • This photo captured pure grief. And somehow, it also captures love. You cannot have one without the other eventually.
          July 10 at 3:08am 

        • What is death next to this pain?
          July 27 at 9:19am ·  ·  1

        • Memon Kashif NO pain no gain............ have pain to gain something lovable in life.
          July 27 at 3:08pm 

        • evy'Allah...... ♥
          August 8 at 9:19pm 

        • Noor Hussain Kullo Nafson Ziaqa-tul Mout ...
          September 17 at 1:48am 

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