Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Here, where the sea shines
and the wind howls,
on the old terrace beside the gulf of Sorrento,
a man embraces a girl
he wept after,
then clears his throat and continues the song:

I love you very much,
very, very much, you know;
it is a chain by now
that melts the blood inside the veins, you know…

He saw the lights out on the sea,
thought of the nights there in America, 
but they were only the fishermen’s lamps
and the white wash astern.
He felt the pain in the music
and stood up from the piano,
but when he saw the moon emerging from a cloud
death also seemed sweeter to him. 
He looked the girl in the eyes,
those eyes as green as the sea.
Then suddenly a tear fell
and he believed he was drowning.

The power of opera,
where every drama is a hoax;
with a little make-up and with mime
you can become someone else.
But two eyes that look at you,
so close and real,
make you forget the words,
confuse your thoughts,

So everything became small,
also the nights there in America. 
You turn and see your life
through the white wash astern.

But, yes, it is life that ends
and he did not think so much about it 
on the contrary, he already felt happy 
and continued his song:

I love you very much,
very, very much, you know,

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    • This is a very touching post,I love it very much!!!
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    • Melts my heart and yet...nice as it is played artistically...Thanks for the tag.
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    • So very beautiful, thank you for sharing :)
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    • Very beautiful! ♥
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