Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Message from the Future

We Asked Our Readers:
If You Were Living 100 Years in the Future in the Year 2109, and You Could Send a Message to People Living in the Year 2009 – What Would You Say?

Where is the message from?
From You...

Evolution Ezine asked its readers "If you were living 100 years in the future and could send back a message to humanity today, what would it be?"
You answered and we put your messages together to create 1 united message.

Individually, you are amazing.
Together, we are truly powerful...

The Message…

§  "You must wake up and take back responsibility for yourselves."

§  "If you could step outside your perceptions for a moment you could see... ...that the vastness of the Universe is teeming with possibilities... ...and even the future that I come from can be changed now."

§  "You must look into yourselves. You need to slow down, so you can learn quicker!

§  Meditate, pray to your higher being and follow your intuition. If you begin to do these things NOW you will find a new future opening up for you ...a great future."

§  "Take heart because when the times get hard we tend to go back to our roots in ourselves... ...We start to find what really is important in our lives and it is not just stuff." 

§  "Loving, healing, sharing, communicating, caring, simply being and so much more, are all only possible in the 'living now'... ...It is our real connection to everything"
§  "Think and dream big. Every person changes the world in some way. Make your contribution a big one"

§  "Your mind is a very powerful and sophisticated vehicle. Learn to use the rest of that untapped 90% that limits you from true freedom"

§  "Pay attention to dreams and children, there is wisdom to be learned if you choose to see."

§  "Continue to take care of your own DNA and that of your children... eliminating toxins, relieving stress, and eating natural foods."

§  "You have the choice of how you live this experience. Choose wisely and Be accordingly."

§  "Avoid regret rather strive for progress. Above all, treat everyone; young or old, rich or poor, black or white with courtesy, love and respect"

§  "You are a being with infinite amounts of potential. Once you accept this truth, the world outside of you will just be a reflection of who you really are inside. Choose not to accept the human limitations and disempowering conditionings of your time. Choose to acknowledge what is... ...allow yourself to experience the moment, and appreciate every aspect of life that you create. Remember to Re-member yourself."
§  "Believe in yourself. Believe in your innate power. Know that every time you believe and really feel it, creation alters herself by bending to your will. Keep up the belief and soon the trees will bow in your presence. Ending war is possible if enough people truly believe it has already ended and hold onto this vision. A single person in every city and town of the world holding the same vision puts it into warp speed. Believe and reinvent the fine art of pretending as if it’s real."

§  "Believe that we are all connected. Across continents, across time, we are connected by the simple fact that we exist... ...whether in struggle or harmony on Earth. Believe that love is the ultimate good. Love creates and nurtures. Give and receive love and work towards a better future."

§  "Live in joy. Love unconditionally. The Ripple effect is amazing!"

§  "Decide now to become one with universal consciousness in all human endeavors. Aspire to higher spirituality, greater awareness & peaceful serenity. Stop quibbling and bickering over triviality. You cannot imagine the glory, beauty, and soulful freedom that await you."

§  "Fear not. The best is yet to come."

§  "You tended to that which supported your life force, fed it with truth and when you learned how to do this... taught your children from the cradle, and they in turn taught theirs, thank you, we are here because you did this."

§  "My era is grand and beautiful. The world is peaceful and safe ...You are part of the quest that gave rise to it. This journey will be long and sometimes trying; even now it isn’t yet over. Don’t lose hope. Don’t fear. Tomorrow is coming. You will create it."

§  "Those of the Light do not be discouraged – your heart filled diligence to spread the Great Love... ...and awaken humanity to a passionate and joyful way of being, transformed the world in ways you did imagine. The energies of Oneness, Peace, Love and Gratitude abound in a world where every Being is having a glorious grand adventure. We love you.”

§  "We have no borders or boundaries, no bombs or guns. We all live together as one. You must understand that we are all but one.”

§  "Be Renegades for truth, justice and humanity"

§  "If we all work together as one with unconditional love for humanity we can accomplish anything"

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