Monday, 19 December 2011

وتایو فقیر

Watayo Faqir of Sindh, Pakistan had a dog and a horse. The horse was quite lazy and th dog was of great help to him.

One day, irritated by the laziness of the horse, Watayo prayed, "Oh Allah, may my horse die."

The next day when he went to see them he found that the horse was still alive while the dog had died. A blind man was passing by. Watayo asked him to touch the dead animal and asked what it was. The blind man replied, "A dog."

Watayo looked at the sky and said, "Oh Allah, did you see? Even a blind man knows better than you."

Once his mother said in a cold night:

“Wataya! You are close to Allah, its very cold tonight can’t you ask Allah to spare a little bit of fire from hell to keep us poor people warm here?”

Watayo replied, “Amma, there is no fire in hell. Everybody will bring his own…!!!


  1. Once he went to attend a wedding feast in his town... he was stopped by the guard and told this is not a party for FAQIRS(beggars).
    He borrowed some good looking clothes, a turban and a horse.
    Reached at the party and was warmly welcomed by the people.
    While eating he put all the food on his clothes and ordered them to eat. People were surprised at that action, enquired the reason.
    Watayo Faqir said that as he was honored because of those clothes that's why they have right to eat not he.