Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ghalib Collection

Where is the second step of ambition, O God?
We found the whole universe to be just one footprint.

We have such a view of the garden, such an urge to pluck the flower,
O Creator of Spring, we are sinner.

You are always saying "What sort of man you are?"
Tell me if this is nice talk.

Sufism does not fit the profession of a poet,
A poet and a free thinker (are one and the same).

I am going there today equipped with sword and shroud,
What excuse will she bring now for not executing me.

It would be unfair to deduce from her cruelty that she does not recognize God,
It only proves that she has great faith in the mercy of God.

When my life has passed in this manner,
How shall I remember that God was with me.

I have the nature of Adam, I am born of Adam,
I openly boast of sin.

We know the truth about Paradise,
It is just a heart warming tale.

If you punish me for what I have done, O God,
Applaud me for what I have left undone but longed to do.