Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hardships faced by Pakistan After its Creation

Pakistan and the Modern World

Hardships faced by Pakistan After its Creation

At the time of partition Pakistan had to face many hardships and problems. Pakistan was quite a new state having no capital, no flag and no administrative power. It received no military equipment. So it was very difficult for Pakistan to manage things for its survival.

Industry was poor and people were backward. The only thing Pakistan had was the unity, will power and determination of its people to face all these problems. Freedom and independence with a poor economic condition had setPakistan on a blind way which had the light of goal far away. Liaquat Ali Khan mentioned in his speech the duties which our freedom demanded from us. According to his point of view, it was our first and foremost duty to maintain and safeguard the freedom. Freedom from foreign rule was not the real freedom. Real freedom was freedom of common man from the threat of poverty, disease, social security and ignorance. So it was necessary for the people of Pakistan 
to utilize all the qualities of their mind and soul to get the maximum out of least given to them. 

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