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The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 1 to 4

The Prisoner of Zenda
Anthony Hope

Page 1
The Rassendylls—With a Word on the Elphbergs
Knock about                          (move around from one place to another, hang around)
flushed                                    (red faced)
crops                                       (appears now and again, grown)
Page 2
exasperating                           (making angry)
trifle                                        (no significance)
murmured                              (hummed).
attache                                    (a diplomat on the staff of an ambassador)
wistful                                     (sadness)
compunction                          (reluctance
Legation                                 (a permanent diplomatic representation in a foreign country performing all the functions of an ambassador)
Page 3
berth                                       (place)
preposterously                       (unreasonably)
debarring                               (excluding)
acquaintance                          (knowing)
sway                                        (swing)
vigorous                                  (energetic)
clinched                                  (resolve something decisively)
magnificence                          (the impressive beauty or grandeur)
itinerary                                 (a plan)
anticipated                             (expected)
Tyrol                                       (the eastern Alps, lying almost entirely in Austria and of great scenic beauty)
haunt                                      (place)
propitiated                             (made calm)
wrath                                      (extreme anger)
dwells                                      (lives)
exhaustive                              (tiring)
Page 4
pouting                                   (pushing lips outward, pushing the lower lip or both lips outward in an expression of bad temper or bad mood).
wagered                                  (bet)
jot                                            (write quickly)
Page 5
Concerning the Colour of Men's Hair
maxim                                     (rule)
ripe                                         (mature)
rallied                                     (be with)
moping                                   (sadening)
fenced                                     (was reluctant, refusing to tell)
consolation                             (comforting).
ruffled                                    (bothered)
snapped                                  (lose control or erupt in anger suddenly)
relentless                                 (continuing always at the same intense, demanding, or punishing level)
paper trade                            (the profession of literature or journalism)
Hang                                       (express annoyance at something)
ventured                                 (took risk)
`de'                                          (“of”, suggest that the family bearing the name has a large estate with that title)
Page 6
jingled                                     (tinkled)
inference                                (conclusion)
personage                               (a distinguished, important, or famous person)
morganatic marriage            (marriage contracted between a male member of a royal family and woman of lesser rank on a legal conditions that neither she nor any children of marriage, can succeed to the man’s rank, position or royal property)
Confound                               (to prove somebody or something to be wrong)
hapless                                    (unlucky or unfortunate)
Dresden                                  (Dresdon was famous for pictures in its museums and art galleries)
inveterate                               (habitual)
evasive                                    (avoiding)
accost                                      (approaches and stops)
Page 7
vanity                                      (excessive pride)
queer                                      (strange)
acquaintance                          (introduction)
physiognomy                          (facial features)
thronged                                 (crowded)
exorbitant                               (unreasonable high)
Page 8
providence                             (God’s guidance)
chimed                                    (speak in a rhythmic or musical way)
keeper                                     (gamekeeper, the man charged with looking after the presevation of the birds and beasts shot for sport on the estate)
hunting-lodge                         (shooting lodge, country house used for hunting or shooting parties)
garrulously                             (talking too much):
suffer                                      (permit)
stubbornly                              (unreasonably determined).
Page 9
zeal                                          (enthusiasm)
buxom                                    (with large breasts or full figured)
wench                                                 (servant girl)
reproving                               (disapproving)
muttered                                 (grumbled)
damsel                                    (young unmarried girl)
glowered                                 (looked angrily)
pricked                                   (discomfort)
interposed                              (interfere)
braving                                   (showing courage)
gruff                                       (harsh)
Page 10
burgh                                      (royal town or borough)
chatter                                    (talk rapidly)
scrutinizing                            (judging)
crave                                       (desire, beg for)
stammered                             (spoke with hesitation)
Page 11
A Merry Evening with a Distant Relative
acquiescence                          (submission),
hankered                                (wanted)
imposing                                 (impressive)
moat                                        (ditch)
chateau                                   (large house)
Page 12
misanthropy                           (state of disliking people and avoiding social situations)
enlaced                                   (intervened)
sacrilege                                  (disrespect)
strident                                   (loud)
whimsical                               (amusing)
stoutly                                     (strong)
bristly                                     (stiff)
trifle bloodshot                      (little red)
accustomed                            (habitual)
Page 13
beckoning                               (signal to come)
cavalier                                   (careless)
acquaintance                          (introduction)
brethren                                 (member of the same group)
flitted                                      (briefly shown)
the deuce a man                     (not a single man)
pedigree                                  (line of ancestors, background)
Page 14
chuckled                                 (laughed quietly)
bewilderment                         (wildly)
growl                                      (speaking in hostile way)
contour                                   (outline)
salient                                     (noticeable)
twitch                                      (jerk slightly)
irrepressible                           (uncontrollable)
jovial                                       (cheerful)
aback                                      (formerly)
forfeit                                                 (be deprived of something)
countenance                           (tolerance)
Page 15
Wrap it up in the right way (put it into correct language)
hauling                                   (pulling)
sans phrase                            (speaking bluntly, French)
sparingly                                (heartily)
make shift                              (manage somehow or other)
westerly                                  (towards west)
incessantly                              (unceasing)
Page 16
livery                                       (uniform)
voraciously                             (very hungrily)
trenchermen                          (hearty eaters)
reproof                                   (criticism)
sparing                                   (limited)
Page 17
exhortation                             (giving advice)
old wicker-covered flagon    (old wine bottle covered with a wrapping of woven straw, reeds or thin twigs)
knave                                      (deceitful)
Page 18
The King Keeps His Appointment
sneering                                  (scorning)
languid                                   (without energy)
Page 19
rot                                           (decompose)
staggered                                (shocked, stunned)
bewildered                             (confused)
wager                                      (bet)
Page 20
stammered                             (speak with hesitation)
prostrate                                 (lie face downward)
hasty                                       (quick)
ride as if the devil were behind you (quickly as possible)
smote                                      (past tense of smite/hit)
Page 21
stamped                                  (act of banging down)
stooping                                  (bending)
clattered                                 (make rattling sound)
grimly                                     (very seriously)
By Jove                                   (Jupiter, used to convey surprise or conviction)
Page 22
arrayed                                   (arranged)
rudimentary                           (basic)
notoriously lax                       (famously not strict)
precedence                             (relative importance or priority)."
Page 23
ague                                        (fever)
bustle                                      (in hurry)
buffet                                      (dining room)


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