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The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 5 to 8

Page 24
The Adventures of an Understudy
(substitute actor, trained substitute)

scabbard                                (sheath for sword)
veteran                                   (experienced soldier)
crimson                                   (deep red)
afflicted                                  (caused distress)
indisposition                           (minor illness)
craved                                     (desired)
suavely                                    (respectfully)
agitated                                   (anxious)
stirrup                                    (rider’s foot support)
aide-de-camp                         (military assistant)
tortuous                                  (twisting and winding)
picturesque                            (visually attractive)
alleys                                       (narrow passages)
turbulent                                (chaotic and restless)
Page 25
adherents                               (supporters)
bedecked                                (decorated)
torrent                                    (rush of liquid)
Cuirassiers                             (soldiers with armours)
prudent                                  (careful)
Page 26
gilt                                           (thin layer of gold)
modesty                                  (simplicity)
dingy                                       (dark)
somber                                    (serious)
wont                                        (accustomed)
sullen                                      (hostilely silent)
spared                                     (refrained from harming somebody)
placidly                                   (calmly)
Page 27
embellished                            (beautify)
audacity                                  (boldness and daring)
gorgeously                              (beautifully)
nave                                        (central part of the church)
archiepiscopal                        (of archbishop)
anointed                                 (bless somebody with oil)
Sacrament                              (ceremony)
heralds                                    (signals)
Page 28
parched                                  (thirsty)
blasé                                        (bore)
old Lord Topham                  (British ambassador to Ruritania)
acquaintance                          (knowledge)
reverie                                    (day dream)
equanimity                             (calm temperament)
sober                                       (serious)
sedate                                      (dignified)
Page 29
careworn                                (tired out of worry)
braced                                    (clamped)
reception                                (formal party)
grave                                       (serious)
lackeys                                    (obedient followers)
Page 30
The Secret of a Cellar
wobbling                                (move from side to side)
linger                                      (wait around).
hindrances                             (obstacles)
bred                                        (raised)
forger                                                 (maker of illegal documents)
Page 31
versatile                                  (able to do in many ways)
trifle haughtily                       (insignificant arrogant way)
stout                                        (thickest or heavy)
bay                                          (reddish brown coated horse)
sturdy                                     (with strong built)
capacious                                (able to hold lot)
tell-tale                                    (clearly showing)
crouched                                (bend down low)
roisterers                                (partying or celebrating);
Page 32
The Stars fought for us        (luck was on our side)
canter                                                 (horse’s medium pace)
draught                                  (drink)
bait                                          (feed)
abruptly                                 (suddenly)
Page 33
and the wind's our way        (and the wind is blowing the way we are travelling)
outskirts                                 (outlying area)
pursuers                                 (who are chasing)
brusquely                               (bluntly, roughly)
covert                                      (hiding place)
hoofs                                       (horse shoes)
burly                                       (strong and thick)
body-servant                          (personal escort)
picked off                               (shot with deliberate aim)
fowl                                         (chicken)
inclination                              (way somebody feels about something, favouritism)
Page 34
snare                                       (animal trap)
had been dead men               (would have been dead men)
spurs                                       (devices attached to rider’s feet)
wistful                                     (sad)
ado                                          (bother)
weary                                      (tired)
apprehension                         (anxiety)
slashed                                    (cut)
rent                                         (holes made by tearing)
bout                                        (attack of illness)
strewn                                     (scattered)
remnants                                (left overs)
Page 35
poker                                      (metal rod for stirring fire)
rained                                     (great numbered)
despise                                    (hate)
gash                                        (deep cut)
Page 36
His Majesty Sleeps in Strelsau
battered                                  (worn out)
gasp                                        (intake of breath)
mantelpiece                            (projection)
stamped                                  (pressed)
salutes                                     (greetings)
pursuit                                    (search)
had been in heaven               (would have been in heaven)
grating                                    (harsh)
Page 37
grizzled                                   (grayish)
grim triumph                         (harsh sense of achievement)
denounce                                (condemn)
where was he                                     (In what kind of a difficult situation would he)
headlong                                 (tumbling)
Page 38
implements                             (tools)
mattocks                                 (tools like a pickax with one end of its blade flattened at right angles to its handle, used for loosening soil and cutting through roots)
Page 39
wavered                                  (indecisive)
ruffians                                  (rough persons)
whizzed                                  (moving with humming sound)
wrenched                               (pull something away forcefully, often using a twisting movement)
grazed                                     (touched lightly)
Page 40
partie carree                            (party of four people)
feigning                                  (pretending)
caprice                                    (a tendency to sudden impulsive decisions or changes of mind)
intrigues                                 (schemes)
wearied                                   (tired)
jaded                                       (bored)
revelry                                    (noisy celebrations)
Flinging                                  (throwing violently)
Page 41
grinned                                   (smiled broadly)
deferential                              (showing respect)
"Osric" in Hamlet                 (Osric, a minor character in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Hamlet, empty headed and affected courtier whose mind was completely taken up with the fashionable etiquette of court life)
farce                                       (drama)
Page 42
A Fair Cousin and a Dark Brother
precedents                              (established customs or practices)
superfluity                              (inessential)
credentials                              (bio data)
corps diplomatique                 (French, diplomatic force)
grievance                                (reason for compaint)
The Critic                               (a highly amusing comedy by Sheridan, the brilliant dramatist  of the late eightenth century)
Page 43
make a clean breast of it       (make a full honest confession)
You know Michael's back, colonel
(Do you know, colonel, that Michael has come back)?"
as plain as a pikestaff            (as plain as anything could be)
wistfully                                  (sadly)
allay                                        (calm worry)
hostility                                   (aggression)
adherents                               (supporters)
Page 44
punctilious                              (extremely correct and attentive)
scrupled                                  (moral or ethical consideration)
cordiality                                (warmth)
tete-a-tete                                (French, private conversation between two people)
braced                                    (clamped)
laurels                                     (honors won for an achievement),"
Page 45
excursion                                (short trip)
haughtiness                            (superiority)
curtseying                               (respecting)
feigned                                    (pretended)
deference                                (respect)
snap                                        (break suddenly with a sharp cracking sound, or make something do this)
Page 46
tread                                       (sound or trampling)
agitated                                   (disturbed)
I am of the Blood                   (As princes of the blood royal)
cursed                                     (having been wished evil)
ante-room                               (room leading to another room)
frown                                      (anger)
impudent                                (rude)
with a deferential elasticity that lent point to his former nonchalance
(Fritz’s demonstration of respect for the king made his lounging about in the presence of the duke appear all the ruder)
Page 47
impostor                                 (somebody who makes false claims of identity)
audacious                               (daring)
deference                                (respect)
mongrel                                  (mixture of different breeds)
sourly                                      (angrily)
resent                                      (be annoyd at)
rapturous                               (beautiful)
farewell                                  (an act of leaving or an activity marking somebody's departure)
fraternal                                 (brotherly)
beckoned                                (signaled to come)
Page 48
On the last ground                (for the last reason)
waxed                                                 (greasy)
portly                                      (slightly overweight)
crooked                                  (not legal)
I put him down for                (I estimated him)
cat's-cradle                             (childish game of making figures with a loop of string stretched between the fingers of both hands)

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