Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 21 & 22

Page 123
If love were all!
din                                           (noise)
dusk                                        (sunset)
pallet                                       (sraw filled mattress)
afloat                                      (floating)
wont                                        (habitual)
Page 124
clung                                       (hung on)
narrowest                               (slightest)
listlessly                                   (without interest or spirit)
Page 125
discerned                                (distinguished)
presumption                           (assumption)
counterfeited the lover          (made a deception of loving her)
wrung                                     (tormented)
Page 126
chant                                       (sing)
requiem                                  (a set of prayers, act to solemn music; for the soul of one who has died)
unmanned                              (having no personality)
Page 127
burden                                    (repeated avoid doing)
heed                                        (pay attention to)
discern                                    (determine)
stay                                         (stop)
wrung                                     (pressed)
a cadet                                    (younger son and consequently not the direct heir to any estate or title of the family)
Page 128
Present, Past—and Future?
prospective                             (forthcoming)
whereabouts                          (location)
vexing                                     (troublesome to)
rallied                                     (teased)
seclusion                                 (privacy)
flippantly                                (jokily)
sly                                            (cunning)
sententiously                          (intending to impress people with your opinions)
wrung out of me                    (discovered by means of persistent and ingenious questions)
ingenuity                                (cleverness)
regaled                                    (entertained)
Page 129
ado                                          (excitement)
delusions                                 (fantasy)
fauna, flora                            (animals, plants)
frivolous                                 (playfullness)
verdict                                    (judgment)
sheepish                                  (ashamed)
prophesied                             (predicted)
Page 130
resolve                                    (determination)
triumphing                             (conquering)
reproaches                             (criticism)
whereabouts                          (location)
exasperating                           (making angry)
horrid                                     (nasty)
ascended                                 (rise)
engraving                               (printing)
pettishly                                  (irritably)
Page 131
retorted                                  (responded sharply)
scarcely                                   (hardly)
dazzle                                      (appealing to)
in dudgeon                             (in a state of great annoyance)
glimmer                                  (dim glow, hint)
fancy                                       (fondness)
whirl                                       (spinning movement)
jostle                                       (push)
indolent                                  (lazy)
presentiment                          (awareness of some event)
Page 132
broodings                               (seeming to contain some silent threat or danger)
array                                       (succession)
revel                                        (enjoyment)
amidst                                     (among, amid)
nigh                                         (near)
presentiment                          (awareness of some event)
insistently                               (persistently)
crowing                                  (loudly crying)

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