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The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 9 to 12

Page 49
A New Use for a Tea-table
Scylla of dullness and the Charybdis
(a situation in which two dangers are to be faced of such a kind that an attempt to escape one danger is likely to lead straight into the other)
indiscretion                            (lack of judgement)
defied                                      (resist)
graciousness                           (full of tact, kindness, and politeness)
whereof                                  (of or about)
lapses                                      (mistakes)
audacity                                  (bravery)
enterprise                               (business)
hand                                       (writing)
rogues                                     (dishonest and mischievous)
drag                                        (use nets or other devices to bring up the body, or anything else that is looked for, hidden under water)
grinned                                   (smiled broadly)
Page 50
sulky                                       (angrily silent)
perversely                               (stubbornly unreasonable)
dodged                                    (followed)
composedly                            (calmly)
puffing                                   (short sudden rush of air)
the old game                           (Michael’s plot to put himself on the throne)
readily                                    (easily)
treacherously                         (betrayingly)
portico                                    (large and elaborate type of porch at the entrance of a big building)
nymph                                    (woman)
Page 51
genuinely                                (really)
If she would                           (if she were willing)
masquerade                           (pretend to be somebody else)
play high                                (take great risks)
bull's-eye lantern                   (an oil-lantern throwing its light in a beam through a thick curved piece of glass which acts as lens)
Page 52
shrubbery                              (part of garden with shrubs)
bidden                                    (told)
lantern was closed                 (lantern with a device for covering the light)
loomed                                    (be imminent)
gloom                                      (partial darkness)
rickety                                    (unstable)
latch                                        (device for keeping doors shut)
arrayed                                   (arranged)
sumptuously                           (splendidly, extravagantly)
will proclaim                          (will proclaim to the sovereign)
Page 53
in the nick of time                  (at the critical moment and only just in time)
chink                                       (narrow opening)
cocked                                    (hammered)
pledge                                     (undertaking)
truce                                       (agreement, ceasefire)
Page 54
feasible                                   (possible)
treacherous                            (betrayer)
reconnoitring                         (exploring)
probed                                    (investigated)
ruffians                                  (rough persons)
rush                                        (attack by surprise in a sudden rush)
fright                                      (sudden fear)
protruding                             (to stick out from the surroundings)
Page 55
fumbled                                  (to do something clumsily or inefficiently)
stole back                               (went back silently and secretly)
tiptoe                                       (walk with heels raised)
battered                                  (hit repeatedly)
swearing                                 (calling names)
brave                                      (splendid)
snap shot                                (a quick shot taken without time to aim properly)
spikes                                      (sharp points)
Doubling back                       (running back in the opposite direction)
wrung                                     (squeezed)
ludicrous                                (absolutely ridiculous)
formidable                             (difficult to deal with)
routed                                     (defeated)
Page 56
A Great Chance for a Villain
Prefect of Police                    (head of the police force)
ecarte                                      (a kind of card game)
fracas                                      (pronounced as “frackah” outbreak of violence or noisy quarrelling)
sling                                        (a wide bandage suspended from somebody's neck to support an injured arm or hand)
entourage                               (set of associates)
remissness                              (neglectful behavior)
Page 57
a kettle of fish                        (a difficult state of affairs)
groaned                                  (sad sound)
pursued                                  (continued)
semi-official                            (half official)
Soothe                                     (calm down)
Page 58
ardour                                    (enthusiasm)
sumptuous                              (splendid)
quadrille                                 (an old type of dance for four pairs)
waltzed                                   (a ballroom dance for couple in triple time in which a couple turn continuously while moving around)
stammered                             (hesitant)
tumult                                     (uproar)
applause                                 (clapping of hands)
Page 59
extravagances                        (exaggerations)
triumph                                  (joy about success)
Page 60
stern frown                            (strict anger)
adieu                                       (goodbye)
exultation                               (extreme happiness)
throng                                     (crowd)
rife                                          (active and widespread)
relentless                                 (ceaseless and intense)
resolve                                    (decision)
pawns                                                 (hostages)
Page 61
suitor                                      (a man who is trying to persuade a woman to marry him)
fiercely                                    (aggressively)
acuteness                                (intensity, sharpness)
Page 62
husky                                      (heavy)
Page 63
Hunting a Very Big Boar
defiance                                  (open disobedience)
battered                                  (hit repeatedly)
breach                                    (failure to obey)
vouchsafed                             (granted)
fretting                                   (worrying)
unsought                                (not looked for)
extort                                      (to obtain something such as information from somebody by using force)
nosegay                                   (bunch of flowers)
riveted                                    (strengthen)
inamorata                               (Italian: sweetheart)
of no moment                         (of no importance)
Page 64
wont                                        (in the habit of doing)
grave                                       (serious)
snare                                       (animal trap)
Page 65
quiet                                        (peaceful)
is there nothing my brother might like for his head
(The answer to this question is, of course, the kig’s crown.)
courier                                    (official messenger)
errand                                    (adventure)
borne                                      (assume)
Page 66
epitaph                                   (inscription on a tombstone)
worn                                       (tired, fatigued)
twitched                                  (jerked slightly)
ventured                                 (tried)
hand                                       (handwriting)
forgery                                   (copying something illegally)
assuage                                   (relieved)
grimly                                     (seriously)
grumbles                                (expresses dissatisfaction)
beforehand                            (in advane)
Page 67
envied                                     (wanted what somebody else has)
triumphant                             (full of pride)
hereafter                                (after that)
excursion                                (short trip)
hauteur                                   (haughtiness, arrogance)
gaiety                                      (joyfulness)
pettishly                                  (with a show of rather childish annoyance)
engrossing                              (occupying attention)
Page 68
offended                                 (angry)
feigned                                    (pretended)
tormenting                             (inflicting pain)
stir                                           (ignite, arouse)
the House                               (the royal family)
Page 69
wailed                                     (mournful cry)
forth                                       (ahead)
stake                                       (assert)
lithe                                         (flexible)
buoyant                                  (cheerful)
inert                                        (motionless)
Page 70
I Receive a Visitor and Bait a Hook
demesne                                  (estate)
kinsman                                  (relative)
recluse                                    (a solitary person who avoids other people)
ostensibly                                (apparently, seemingly)
the wood was carefully preserved
(woods, or any other piece of land are said to be preserved when gamekeepers look after them and see that the wild life offering sport to hunters is protected from illegal hunters and has every opportunity to flourish)
gallant                                     (brave)
sounded                                  (tested)
spur                                        (motivation)
indictment                              (condemnation)
suspected                                (doubted)
exhilarating                            (exciting, invigorating, stimulating)
Page 71
inkling                                    (half-formed idea)
hampered                               (disadvantaged)
feint                                        (deceit, pretence)
quarry                                    (hunted creature)
unendurable                          (insufferable)
sneaking sort of pity              (reluctant, half-suppressed sort of pity)
so                                             (provided)
compunction                          (shame, regret)
trump card                             (keycard, in card games, a card from a suit declared to be higher in value than any other suit, or the suit itself)
baulk                                      (recoil)
impudent                                (rude, bold)
imposing                                 (impressive)
impudence                              (boldness)
would-be assassins                 (Detchard, DeGautet and Bersonin, who had tried to murder Rassendyll in the summerhouse at Strelsau)
strapping trio                         (robust and well-built group of three)
dare-devil                               (challenger)
Page 72
derelictions                             (failures to perform his duty)
insolent                                   (disrespectful, impudent)
toss                                          (throw)
wont                                        (accustomed)
glum                                        (gloomy, sad)
profuse                                   (plentiful, generous in giving)
acquainted                             (familiar)
airily                                       (lightly)
strode                                      (stepped)
jeering                                    (mocking)
scorn                                       (contemp, hate)
scowl                                       (glare)
knave                                      (cunning intrustworthy man)
debonair                                 (light hearted and well mannered)
la mode                                   (French, in the proper fashion)
must needs leave                    (had of necessity to leave)
excursion                                (short trip)
Page 73
groom                                     (officer in a royal household, Sapt)
Since—                                   (Since you started to impersonate the king)
graver air                               (serious attitude)
Page 74
sulks                                        (angrily silent)
brimming                               (be full to top)
Page 75
sternly                                     (strictly)
infusing                                  (fill)
all agog                                   (full of excitement)
baited                                      (food for attracting animals)
Delilah will bring our Samson
(Delilah exploited Samson’s love for her to betray him)
lovelorn                                  (wretched from love difficulies)
gravel                                      (small stones)
deuce                                      (bad thing)
Page 76
ado                                          (strength)
requite                                    (pay back)

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