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The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 17 to 20

Page 100
Young Rupert's Midnight Diversions
dirty weather                         (bad weather)
reckoned                                (considered)
battering                                 (repeated beating)
picks                                       (a tool used for breaking up hard surfaces, consisting of a long handle and a curved metal head that is pointed at one end and either pointed or like a chisel at the other)
query                                      (doubt)
treachery                                (betrayal)
ventured                                 (risked)
clung                                       (hold on)
sternly                                     (strictly)
Page 101
storm                                      (attack)
knickerbockers                      (loose-fitting short breeches gathered at or just below the knee)
stockings                                 (socks)
saps                                         (weakens)
impairs                                   (weakens)
rheumatics                             (a painful condition of the joints or muscles)
stout                                        (thicker and heavier)
skirting                                   (avoiding)
outskirts                                 (outlying areas)
clump                                      (cluster or group of growing things)
predominant                          (most important)
craving                                   (desire)
gratify                                     (fulfill)
airy                                         (graceful)
crouched                                (bend down low)
Page 102
owed                                       (be obligated to pay back)
audacity                                  (boldness)
treachery                                (betrayal)
partially                                  (not completely)
tiptoe                                       (heels raised)
embraced                               (made use of)
gesture                                    (action).
Page 103
bungle                                     (spoil)
scornfully                               (mockingly)
sneered                                   (mocked)
scowled                                   (frowned)
oppressed                               (dominated)
fatigue                                    (exhaustion)
presume                                  (believe)
chagrin                                   (anger at being let down)
detained                                  (held)
Ware bridge                           (beware bridge! This was the cry of warning that the drawbridge was about to be pulled back)
yawned                                   (an involuntary response to tiredness or boredom in which the mouth is opened wide and a long deep breath is taken)
peered                                     (looked closely)
Page 104
poise                                        (dignity)
fiend                                       (devil)
affixed                                    (attached)
restrained                               (controlled)
bridle                                      (control)
eagerness                                (keenness)
leisurely                                  (slowly)
Abandoning                           (Leaving)
chimed                                    (struck)
afoot                                       (happening)
Page 105
The Forcing of the Trap

profoundly                             (deeply)
errand                                    (adventure)
enticed                                    (fascinated)
inscrutable                             (unseen)
tingling                                   (vibrating)
threshold                                (starting point)
Page 106
thud                                        (heavy blow)
lunge                                       (quick thrust in fencing)
husky                                      (dry)
embrasure                              (recess)
lunged                                     (quick thrusting in fencing)
dash                                        (vigor)
dexterity                                 (physical skill)
parapet                                   (surface of the wall at the bottom of the window)
Page 107
Page 108
fettered                                   (shackled)
delirium                                  (mental disturbance)
wrenched                               (pulled and twisted)
hapless                                    (unlucky)
wasted                                    (exhausted)
wan                                         (pale)
lunatic                                     (thoughtless)
mirth                                       (laughter)
gleefully                                  (delightedly)
piteous                                    (pitiful)
ruffian                                    (rough person)
trod                                         (stepped)
Page 109
stifled                                      (suffocated)
gash                                        (deep cut)
huddled                                  (gathered tightly together)
heap                                        (pile)
spent                                       (exhausted)
ere                                           (before)
unnerved                                (anxious)
curs                                         (mongrel dog)
Page 110
Face to Face in the Forest
dazzled                                   (temporarily deprived of sight)
pikes                                       (peaks)
huddled                                  (clustered)
arrant                                     (thorough)
apprehensively                       (fearfully)
buoyant                                  (lighthearted)
cowered                                  (trembled)
backmost                                (farthest-back)
portal                                      (gateway i.e., the masonry around the door)
stanching                                (also “staunching” checking the flow of blood)
cravens                                   (cowards)
stealthily                                 (silently)
relish                                       (enjoy)
restrained                               (controlled)
spellbound                              (fascinated, captivated)
outcome                                  (result)
taunts                                      (hurtful remarks)
triumphantly                          (victoriously)
Page 111
staggered                                (stunned)
ghastly                                    (horrifying)
tottered                                   (walked unsteadily, wobbled)
scrape                                     (awkward situation)
parapet                                   (low wall)
vaulted                                    (curved)
crippled                                  (physical disability, impaired)
Page 112
slackened                                (relaxed)
haul                                         (pull, drag)
startled                                   (frightened)
spit me                                    (run his sword through me)
deuce                                      (bad thing)
hot                                           (dangerous)
discretion                                (tact, freedom to decide)
engulfed                                 (swallowed up)
Page 113
panting                                   (taking short fast shallow breaths)
had the pace of me                (could run faster than I could)
vexation                                  (displeasure, upset)
amid                                        (among)
Fie                                           (used to express disapproval of)
waver                                      (fluctuate between possibilities, hesitate)
folly                                         (foolishness)
Page 114
parried                                   (turned blow aside)
darted                                     (fast moved)
panting                                   (taking short fast shallow breaths)
Au revoir                                 (French, Good-bye – literally, and rather significantly, “till we see each other again”)
swaying                                  (swinging back and forth)
nigh                                         (near to)
wringing                                 (twisting and compressing)
gash                                        (deep cut)
gloom                                      (darkness)
thickets                                   (thick growth of bushes)
wary                                       (cautious)
graceful                                  (dignified)
debonair                                 (elegant)
vile                                          (disgusting)
Page 115
pallid                                       (pale)
foul                                         (stinking)
huddled                                  (clustered)
Page 116
The Prisoner and the King
stratagem                               (a trick forming part of a plan to deceive)
sham                                       (deception)
prospects                                (forecasts)
a dominion over                     (a position of power over)
rendered                                 (provided)
audacious                               (overconfident)
decoy                                      (something or somebody used to attract a person into a trap)
bidding                                   (request)
lure                                         (attract)
with us                                    (on our side)
loathed                                    (hated)
Page 117
mortal                                     (death-dealing)
premeditated                          (planned)
stanch                                     (firm)
taunts                                      (mockings)
darted                                     (rushed)
ambush                                   (surprise attack)
embrasure                              (opening)
Hastening                               (Hurrying)
detached                                 (separated)
Page 118
threshold                                (entrance)
warily                                                 (cautiously)
stumbled                                 (tripped)
lest                                           (in case)
he has been here                    (“He” refers to Rassendyll)
nor, if properly attended, would die
(and would not die if he received proper medical attention)
Page 119
grudged                                  (felt resentment about)
metamorphosis                      (change) The change in question is that of the replacement of Rassendyll in the role of king by King Rudolf himself. Note very carefully that this passage does not tell the real story of the events that had happened. It tells the story that Sapt and his associates put out to explain the strange occurrences at Zenda – an unnamed friend of the king – and the king  had been wounded in rescuing this prisoner from the clutches of Michael
gaolers                                    (jailers)
injunctions                             (orders)
wrought                                  (produced)
treacherous                            (untrustworthy)
assault                                     (physical attack)
ingenious                                (clever)
sovereign                                (ruler)
suite                                        (group)
Page 120
rife                                          (widespread)
remonstrate                            (argue)
traitorously                            (faithlessly)
seized                                      (detained)
the wires were set in motion
(messages were sent by telegraph)
tidings                                     (news)
thither                                     (in that direction, there, yonder)
overawe                                  (impress)
the prisoner of Zenda           (Rassendyll, whose presence is explained by the story that he is the mysterious prisoner rescued by the king)
swoon                                     (lose consciousness)
curtseying                               (bending knees in respect)
bewildered                             (puzzled)
Page 121
alight                                       (land)
tended                                     (cared)
yonder                                    (there)
incredulous                            (unconvinced)
obstinate                                 (determined)
eloquent                                  (expressive)
hastily                                     (quickly)
wit                                           (humor)
hoarse                                     (rough)
indignation                             (annoyance)
Page 122
afoot                                       (going on)
torment                                   (torture)
slackened                                (relaxed)
reeled                                      (rolled)
pang                                        (shooting pain)