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The Prisoner of Zenda, Difficult Words with Meanings, Chapter 13 to 16

Page 77
An Improvement on Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder                      (Rupert’s name for the large pipe leading to the moat from the window of the room where the king’s imprisoned)
contentment                           (satisfaction)
narcotic                                  (drug which makes people sleepy or insensitive)
marvelled                               (amazed)
sprawling                               (sit or lie awkwardly)
amorous                                 (expressing love)
mellow                                    (soft)
melancholy                             (sadness)
demesne                                  (possession of own land)
marksman                              (shooter)
cantered                                 (horse ride with medium pace)
burlesque                               (mocking or exaggerated)
deference                                (respect)
craving                                   (wanting)
Why keep up the farce         (What is the point of carrying on with this absurd piece of comedy)
Page 78
halter                                      (rope used to hang a criminal condemned to death)
wager                                      (bet)
audacious                               (daring)
I put my hands behind me    (Rassendyll was unwilling to shake hands with a traitor)
swerved                                  (deviated)
Page 79
stirrup                                    (rider’s foot support)
profusely                                (abundantly)
brat                                         (demanding and selfish person)
weary                                      (tired)
snare                                       (trap)
queer                                      (strange)
coup                                        (borrowed from French, sudden and illegal seizure of political power)
premium                                 (of very high value)
sullen                                      (slow moving)
suffer                                      (permit)
abutted on                              (was next to)
situate                                     (situated)
Page 80
ado                                          (bother)
earthenware                           (ceramic)
perceptible                             (detectable)
haul                                         (drag)
he is not minded                    (does not intend)
Page 81
redress                                    (to provide compensation or reparation for a loss or wrong experienced)
corps                                       (body of soldiers)
Page 82
incommode                             (inconvenience)
hard nut                                 (difficult problem to solve)
Page 83
A Night Outside the Castle
flogged                                    (hit very hard using something such as a whip, strap, or stick)
smirch                                     (to damage reputation or good name)
damned                                  (condemned)
doom                                       (a dreadful fate, especially death or utter ruin)
clinched                                  (firmly settled)
thrust                                      (sword-thrust)
Page 84
placid                                      (calm)
semblance                               (resemblance)
amity                                       (harmony)
remonstrances                       (protests)
despot                                     (tyrant)
dangles                                   (swings)
strove                                      (struggled)
short stout cudgel                  (short strong stick for use as a weapon)
circuit                                     (route)
gusts                                        (blasts)
spits                                         (discharge)
clump                                      (cluster)
Jacob's Ladder                      (Rupert’s name for the large pipe leading to the moat from the window of the room where the king’s imprisoned)."
Page 85
masonry                                 (the stone or brick work)
fancied                                    (wished)
loomed                                    (about to happen)
protruded                               (stuck out)
shuffle                                    (moving awkwardly)
trod                                         (to step or put a foot on something)
ledge                                       (raised surface underwater)
crouched                                (bend down low)
sentinel                                   (guard)
monotonously                        (repetitively)
huddled                                  (gathered)
extremity                                (edge)
Page 86
desisted                                   (stopped)
grating                                    (rough)
repose                                     (rest)
ornaments                              (chains)
glades                                      (areas in a wood or forest without trees or bushes)
sneered                                   (mocked)
ruffian                                    (rough person, gangster)
carcass                                    (body)
gale                                         (forcefully)
hauled                                     (dragged)
Page 87
ducked                                    (bent)
scampered                              (run stupidly)
deuce                                      (something that is bad or unpleasant)
concealment                           (hiding)
sore                                         (painful)
cut to the quick                      (with our feelings deeply hurt)
vexed                                      (irritated)
knave                                      (man servant)
Page 88
I Talk with a Tempter
gone on                                   (fond of)
affray                                                 (noisy fight)
unprecedented                       (unparalleled)
gravest                                    (most serious)
deferential                              (respectful)
induced                                   (provoked)
dupe                                        (fool)
truce                                       (ceasefire)
edict                                        (proclamation)
peculiar                                  (unusual)
ludicrous                                (utterly ridiculous)
Page 89
dispense                                  (provide service)
dans cette galere                     (French, in this business)
involuntarily                          (unwillingly)
with enquiry writ large on his face
(with an expression on his face of great interest and curiosity)
But surely you hint at a very grave charge
(in a guarded way, the prefect has voice his suspicion that the duke had kidnapped Rassendyll)?"
Page 90
cortege                                    (procession)
beckoned                                (signalled)
escort                                      (accompany)
trotted                                     (walked briskly)
Page 91
defiled                                     (destroy sanctity, to be the first man to have sexual intercourse with a woman, usually outside marriage)
gracious                                  (kind and polite)
fares                                        (manages)
convalescent                           (recovering)
insolent                                   (disrespectful)
earnest                                    (deeply sincere)
Page 92
competence                            (a reasonably good income. Rupert is proposing, for a bribe to help Rassendyll to murder both the king and the duke)
scruple                                    (to hesitate to act, or refrain from taking action, because of moral or ethical considerations)
cursedly                                  (annoyingly)
mal a propos                           (at the wrong moment)
negligently                              (carelessly).
Page 93
pricked                                   (put spurs to)
out of hand                            (without delay)
put out                                    (irritated)
grim                                        (sternly serious)
sulky                                       (angrily silent)
den                                          (place of crime)
Page 94
A Desperate Plan
pretence                                  (deception)
garrison                                  (stationed troops)
befriend                                  (help)
defiance                                  (open, bold, or hostile refusal to obey)
hitherto                                   (uptill now)
suffered                                  (endured)
intercourse                             (mutual dealings)
solemnization                         (observe an event or occasion with ceremony or formality)
betrothal                                 (engagement)
nigh                                         (nearly)
fortnight                                 (two weeks)
reckoned                                (regarded)
chafed at                                (were irritated by)
tidings                                     (news)
Page 95
gone                                        (absence)
rallied                                     (increased in value)
exasperated                            (angry)
meddle                                    (interfere)
Wherefore                              (Because of which)
prone                                      (habitual)
besought                                 (implore)
constrain                                (force)
prevailed                                (be stronger)
tidings                                     (news)
Page 96
suspense                                 (uncertainty)
afflicted                                  (troubled)
grating                                    (metal grille)
pikes                                       (spears)
Page 97
fling                                        (throw forcefully)
Page 98
prematurely                           (happening too soon)
hinged                                     (joined)
lest                                           (in case)
weary                                      (weak)
stealthily                                 (done quietly)
swiftness                                 (spead)
force                                       (open)
relentless                                 (ceaseless and intense)
dash                                        (vigor)
recklessness                            (carlessness)
affray                                                 (fight)
Page 99
lulled                                       (calmed)
revelry                                    (noisy celebrating)
rally                                        (form together again)
slew                                         (killed)
notwithstanding                     (despite)
temper                                    (state of mind)
betook                                     (went somewhere)
pensive                                    (deeply thoughtful)
bashfully                                (shyly)

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