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What is the theme of The Lost Star?
Man is a unique creation. God has set a sense of eternity in our hearts, and that sense of timeless destiny can only find its fulfillment in God Himself. The man without God is spiritually dead; when his physical life is over, he faces eternal separation from God. When man falls in a habit to argue with the truth and tries to refute or doubt the irrefutable, he blurs the whole reality in his mind. That’s where, he loses his way. The whole sacred structure of reality seems to demolish before his eyes. He completely loses his way to eternity. In this poem, the man knows that he possessed the Godly powers before. As soon as he fell for doubt or argument, he has lost his status as the superior being amongst all creations. He is conscious of the fact that now he belongs to damned race. He has the ultimate urge to find the way to the reality.

What does G. Allana see in the mirror of eternity?
What did G. Allana hold in the grip of his fingers?
The poet knows that he was small in the beginning. Then the idea of God emerges in his heart with eternal immensity. When the poet sees itself with the conscious light which was given by the God, he sees that the whole world exists in him. Uncountable cities and deserts exist within him with full force. Cities and deserts are the metaphors of good and bad; beautiful and ugly respectively. The whole of life seems to spark in the mind of the poet and he recognizes everything in its own respect. He thinks of himself larger than the universe in which many galaxies shine brightly. All these things and beings are being held in the grip of poet’s fingers.
What reply is received by G. Allana from the inner self?
What does the poet realize about himself?
What does G. Allana feel about his existence in this world?
As the poet demolishes his very own spiritual existence, he loses his way. His inner self refuses to recognize him as a superior being. He finds himself as completely stranger even to himself, belongs to the race of damned ones. Spiritually he finds himself dead and completely forgotten. His intellect wanders in the worlds he doesn’t know. His inner self is still in strong urge to find the light for his lost star. Lost star is the very essence of his being which he loses in the way of so called rationality and in arguing with his God.

Why is G. Allana in search of sacred light or heavenly power?
G. Allana is in search of enlightenment or renaissance of his being as complete human being and man of God as he was once. This sacred light or heavenly power is actually that lost star to him of which he has lost the light. He considers himself completely lost without this light. He has lost his status as greater being in this world though he mastered the science and gained all the material comfort. It happened then, that he had lost himself in materialism. Unknowingly, these material thoughts snatched everything from him which is good.  He thought of himself amongst the damned ones. The good thing is that he knows the very fact of his disillusionment. Now he is looking forward to that sacred light to show him the right path.

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