Monday, 25 April 2016

Lines from Samson Agonistes: Review of the Lines

John Milton

This poetic account is a script from John Milton’s masterpiece ‘Samson Agonistes’. It is in fact, a famous poetic drama extracted from the Old Testament.

John Milton: The Reformation Stalwart
John Milton comes next to Shakespeare in the domain of English literature. He has his own bent of mind and unique outlook in literature. His remarkably individual style has majesty superbly appropriate to the nobility and power of his thought and imagination. In this way, he stands second to none. Regarding his academic background, he is educated from Italian education institutions. He is one of the significant pillars of The Reformation Movement of European land. His literary creations stand for his religious enthusiasm and ethics. In politics, he fought against the existing vices of his age. Samson Agonistes is a tribute to his hero Samson. He was a bulwark against monarchy, cruelty and tyranny. Samson sacrificed his life for bringing doom to the Philistine ruling nobility.

Samson:  A Mega Historic Legend
Samson was a man of immense and tremendous strength. His existence was a constant threat to the monarchy of his state. His might and power stood as a guarantee of protection for common man. People of the state always wished and prayed for his life, but Samson was an eyesore to the nobility and aristocracy of his country. They in order to get rid of their powerful enemy captured him with cunning tricks by exploiting his mistress. The philistine army captivated Samson when he had been deprived of his hair. He was imprisoned and later blinded by the monarchs. The philistine took a breath of satisfaction over Samson’s captivity. He remained no more dangerous then. Later, when the government arranged a festival, there were shouts of joys in the royal house. Samson was asked to show feats of his strength in the celebrations.

A Show; Full of Thrill and Sensation
Samson was brought to the arena where he had been asked to act or show something incredulous. He had to heave, pull, draw, and lift up the objects that were considered to be unimaginable for a normal human being. He did all with incredible might that astonished all who sat there. He was still the best and the strongest. No one dared to challenge this ruined hero. After getting over tired, he asked his guide to let him rest awhile. He was allowed to do so. He was taken to the two massive pillars that gave main support to the arched roof of the temple. Whole cream of the philistine society sat beneath. Samson did put his both of his arms around the pillars and stood with bowed head. He meditated and thought for a few minutes and later raised his head erect. He addressed the gathering and spoke aloud. He mentioned that whatever he did, it was just in compliance with the commands they gave him. No doubt, the segment was a blockbuster, but he wanted to make it unforgettable. His strength was yet greater and he was going to demonstrate the first and the last memorable segment of his life.

Samson: A Befalling Catastrophe

Saying these words, Samson began to push and pull the massive pillars of the temple. Spectators began to smile and enjoy themselves. But when the cracks began and roof collapsed, there were cries of dying people. The whole arched roof with a thunderous crash fell upon those who sat beneath. The ruling elite and the nobility of the philistine political setup were fragmented. All the spectators had no escape from death. Even Samson could not save himself from mortality.  He successfully brought an end to the long-continued cruel empire and relieved common man from this painful slavish bondage. 

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