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Pakistan and the Modern World: Summary

Reading-Text Four, Liaquat Ali Khan

Description of the Framework and Ideology of an Ideal State
This article is the text of the speech which Shaheed-e-Millat, Liaquat Ali Khan delivered to acknowledge the conferment of an honorary degree upon himself by the University of Kansas. In this discourse, Pakistan’s first Premier acquainted the world with Pakistan telling them how this country came into existence. What were the reasons and causes, which compelled the Muslims of sub-continent to form a new country to establish the government of their own?

Background of the Revolutionary Move
He emphasizes his point by telling that there were many causes and factors, which contributed to its creation. Before it came into existence, it was only an idea, an imagination, a desire and a demand of the Muslims. In Indo-Pak, there lived one hundred million Muslims, side by side with them; there lived three hundred million Hindus. When the day of sub-continent’s freedom drew nearer, the one hundred million Muslims began to realize that they are under the grip of Hindu majority. They feared that in liberated United India, they would become a perpetual minority in Hindu-dominated government. In this state of affair, freedom from British rule meant to them not liberty but merely a change of masters.

Dual Yoke of European Imperialism and Brahman Monarchy
Justifying the independence and separation movement, Liaquat Ali Khan says that there were many reasons behind it. It was not merely the question of religious difference. There were some other elements, which created a wide gulf between the two nations. The Muslims believed in only one God whereas the Hindus worshipped many gods. The Muslims believed in the prophet of the Desert, in Jesus Christ and in the prophets of Old and New Testaments, but the Hindus did not. The Hindus believed in the caste system and the Muslims have faith in the equality of all men. Both the nations have different outlook in economic system also.

Muslims feared that under the clutches of Hindu imperialism, their culture would suffer a great setback and totally be vanished away. Furthermore, the Muslims were already industrially and economically backward because of being Muslims. Along with the movement of freedom from British rule, it was essential for Muslims to struggle for their own separate homeland. It was for these reasons that Muslims demanded for Pakistan.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: Fundamental Principles of its Creation
Many persons considered the demand unreasonable at the time. But now, it has been proved that the demand was justified on the basis of human and geo-political grounds. From the point of view of the world peace, the creation of two small states instead of one large unmanageable country was necessary and proved a great contribution and important step towards the world peace. There is an unavoidable unrest and discover in Asia, the creation of firm and strong Pakistan is the only cure of all spiritual and moral vices which are existing in Asia.

Formation of Pakistan: Guarantee to Asian Peace and Stability
Strong Pakistan should be the guarantee of world peace. Americans should regard the importance of the strength of Pakistan and help this and other newborn states of Asia.

Liaquat Ali Khan winds up his speech with the comment that there is a great resemblance between America and Pakistan in origin. Both are the agricultural countries at the beginning of freedom and have struggled hard for the achievement of liberty from foreign rules.

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