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Reflections on the Re-Awakening East: Summary

Reading-Text Two, Bertrand Russell

Russell, the Protector of the Down Trodden
Bertrand Russell, a great thinker, ideal philosopher and humanist of 20th century. Throughout his life, he fought for the deprived and down trodden classes. He is a warm advocate of peace and disarmament. He successfully launched a drive against the use of nuclear arms.

Rise and Fall; and Shift of Power from Hither to Thither States (Oriental and Occidental)
The essay Reflections on the Re-Awakening East is commenting on the restlessness of the eastern nations. The Asian people are desirous of acquiring the lost glory of their region. Russell reflects and analyses the ups and downs and vicissitudes of the history of mankind. Bertrand Russell, goes back right into the past and observes about the revolutions and fluctuations of the world history. He is of the view that for the last two thousand years, supremacy in ideas as well as in power has been alternating between East and West.

Rise of Islam: the Hallmark of Eastern Prosperity
In the early history, the East predominated, but the Roman Empire took away this lead from the East. Afterwards, the rise if Islam brought great power to the East and European leadership completely lost the dominating position. After six or seven centuries the East again were overtaken by the decadence and the West once again became dominant.

Tug of War between Hitler and Union Jack brought down the Pillars of European Colonialism in the East
Russell discloses the fact about the liberty of Sub-continent from the grip of Britain Imperialism. He observes the Second World War brought in its wake the collapse of European Colonialism in Asia. The newly free Asian and African nations began to play significant roles in world politics with powerful national spirit and enthusiasm. This rebirth of national spirit brought far-reaching and important effects. These impacts cannot be avoided.

Glimpse of Eastern Renaissance Leads to the Idea of Forming Third World Bloc
Russell is of the opinion that the effects of the political awakening of the East would be deep and lasting. This Oriental Renaissance has changed the face of the international politics. The only danger to these newly born Asiatic states comes from the Communism. These nations will become industrially sound enough and try to stand perfect on their own legs and will soon be a bulwark against Communism. The world was at that time, between two powerful blocs: Russia and America. These newborn countries will soon form a Third World Bloc and be defensive wall against either of two blocs starting a war.

To Get Rid of the Nuclear Threat
Russell feels that the world is under the grip of two hostile camps. These supreme authorities can impose the horrors of war upon the innocent humanity at any time. Russell wishes that the Third World nations would be free from the clutches of the two super powers. Asia, according to him is very important because it contains not only half of the population of the world but also it is the home of three distinct civilization; Islamic, Hindu and Chinese. Another danger that threats the world is Nuclear War. In order to avoid this threat, it is essential that mankind should learn to have mutual respect for one another. Unless such mutual understanding is brought about, there is very danger of the world being destroyed. The lack of mutual respect will bring ruin to the prosperous countries. Same was the sole cause of downfall of the former rising and predominating countries. 

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