Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Ghulam Ali Allana  

This poem breathes religiosity in a spiritual way. G. Allana says that man; having received God’s light began to feel immortal and immense sparks in his existence. When he saw himself in the mirror of eternity, many extraordinary things and places seemed to exist in his soul. Man became very dignified and superior to all things. He finds galaxies in his existence. He was no longer the slave of world.

Once man weakens his faith in God, he becomes unimportant in his own eyes. Today's material progress has weakened man’s belief in Allah and hence he is deprived of spiritual peace. Today's man belongs to the race of those who are cursed and unfortunate. Having lost the real path, he is now wandering in the imaginary worlds. He is now trying to regain the same Divine Light, which brightened his star in the past. The Lost Star symbolizes past glory of man.

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