Monday, 25 April 2016

The Man of Life Upright: Review of the Song

Thomas Campion

Absolutely Trustworthy
Thomas Campion, in this poetic creation portrays a pious person who leads an ideal kind of life with virtues and sanctity. Such a person keeps noble qualities of head and heart. The upright man passes simple, fearless and courageous life. Honesty, nobility and simplicity are the essential qualities of his living. He does not allow artificiality and vanity while dealing with the people. Such a sophisticated way of living does not attract him in any way. His device to meet every situation is pure and transparent dealing. For him to indulge in physical pleasure is below the dignity of man who is in real sense the viceroy of God on the face of Earth.

Personification of Goodness
The upright man symbolizes angelic virtues. He passes his days in innocent and faultless pleasures. He does not run after such enjoyments that harm others and disfigure his character. He does not want to see the wealth of his character at stake because the values like morality and ethics are very dear to him. One of the precious assets of his personality is his contentment. He is never befooled by false hopes and promises. The idea of worldly progress, renown and material wealth never attract him, so he does not run after worldly ambitions. The nature has gifted him such strong nerves that no worry can dishearten or disappoint him. He does not feel uneasy if he is torn into pieces by critical circumstances.

Incredible Courage to Meet Hardships

The poet believes that a pious and virtuous man is ready to encounter with any situation, how so ever difficult it is. He is not afraid of death. No doubt, he is not a superman, nor has any super natural force. But the belief in the Omnipotent God has gifted him with such courage that he meets every difficulty with iron hand. He faces boldly the destructive angers of the skies and calamities brought about by floods and earthquakes. At such times, he does not hanker after the ways of protection for the safety of his life. The poet means to say that when there come unexpected troubles in the world it is only an upright man who can face them with absolute calm and quietness. The upright man takes the world as a place of temporary stay, which is short, lived. This is why all his activities are determined by the fear of God and the idea of accountability to God.

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