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Explain briefly the main features of the poem?
The main features of an upright man are that he is an honourable man. His heart is free from all kinds of guilt. He is not vain or proud. He is honest and lives a simple life. He does not desire wealth or property. His wealth is his good deeds. The poet compares the world to an inn. The upright man knows that his stay in the mortal world is temporary. This adhoc living resembles a holy visit which is called pilgrimage. The consciousness of temporary life keeps man always off the track of misdeeds and vices.

What essential qualities should a man have to lead a decent life?
Thomas Campion, being a deeply religious man, considers simplicity and honesty as very essential for leading a decent and peaceful life. Honesty in thoughts and deeds keeps his heart free from guilt. A simple way of life keeps him away from sorrow or sadness. He is not deluded by false hopes because he enjoys the simple joys of simple life. Such a person does not need big mansions to live in; neither needs towers or armours to protect himself from anyone. His honesty, truthfulness and belief in god give him courage to face every adversity. 

What adversities does Thomas Campion’s man face without fear?
Thomas Campion’s man puts his faith in god and this trust gives him the courage to face not only the human enemies but the natural disasters as well. He does not hide in towers or secret vaults rather he faces them. The natural disasters such as the storms in the seas, the strong winds or cyclones, the earthquakes etc can not upset him.

Why can an upright man, “behold with unaffrighted eyes, the horrors of the deep and the terrors of the skies.”?
An upright man has absolute faith in almighty. He looks up to “heaven” for guidance. His faith makes him a daring and courageous fellow; it gives him the courage to face bravely the dangers of the seas and the dangers of the skies (natural disasters) such as the earthquakes etc; he is not even afraid of death.

Why doesn’t an upright man need, “any armour for defense”?
His firm belief in God empowers him to encounter the critical situations. The worldly minded people can’t imagine coming across difficult situation. As an upright man is honourable and honest, and he has full faith in God, therefore he is never afraid of his enemies and needs no weapons for his defence.

How does Campion’s man keep himself engaged?
Campion’s man keeps himself engaged in trying to understand “heaven”, and he derives wisdom from the heavenly things. Furthermore, he spends his time in thinking about doing good deeds in the world.

What does the writer mean by “a well-spent age”? How can it be a “wealth’?
“A well-spent age” is the life an honest man has spent in this world doing good deeds. In the eyes of Thomas Champion’s man, honesty in thought and deeds, simplicity in acts are very essential features. He does not consider property and riches of any worth. So the life spent in accordance with his beliefs is a treasure or wealth. 

What does Campion’s man think about the world and his life here?
In the eyes of Thomas Champion’s man, the world is just an “inn”, a place for a brief stay. Man is mortal; he has come into this world not to stay for ever but for a short period, so, he sees his abode on earth as a temporary stay before an eternity in heaven. He goes through this journey abiding by all the rules of goodness and, therefore, for him the life here is a holy journey, “a pilgrimage”.

Why does the poet call, “the earth his sober inn”?
The poet calls the earth his sober inn because he knows that his stay in this world is very short, just like a traveler who stays briefly in an inn (rest house) and then leaves on his onward journey. In fact, an upright has no longing for worldly riches. The colours of material uplift do not attract such a man. He desire for spiritual solace, spiritual bliss and spiritual uplift keeps him allergic of worldly needs. The world by all means proves to be guest house.

Highlight at least three qualities of the Man of Life Upright.
What are the significant qualities of a Man of Life Upright according to Thomas Campion?
The main features of an upright man are that he is honourable, his heart is free from all kinds of guilt. He is not vain or proud. He is honest and lives a simple life. He does not desire wealth or property. The only wealth he has is his good deeds. He keeps himself away from misdeeds and vices. The upright man knows that his stay in the mortal world is temporary. He considers his stay here and journey onto this earth as a holy visit which is called "pilgrimage".

Explain the lines:
The man whose silent days
In harmless joys are spent,
Whom hopes cannot delude,
Nor sorrow discontent:
In the lines given, Campion comments on upright man’s life style. He leads his peaceful life with perfect enjoyments. The most significant aspect of his pleasures is that they do not harm others. He is very particular about the legitimacy of his recreation. He never indulges in those pleasures which bring a scar on his character. Such a man can never be taken in by false hopes or promise. His optimism always keeps him away from disappointments when he comes across any difficult situation.

Explain the lines:
Good thoughts his only friends,
His wealth a well-spent age,
The earth his sober inn,
And quiet pilgrimage.
In the lines given, the poet throws light on an important aspect of upright’s man characteristics. He has a good idealism of his life. The only companions of his life are his good ideas and intentions. The sole wealth of his living is his neat and transparent character. He has successfully protected his character from every kind of damage. The upright man, throughout his life has refrained from committing ignoble acts. He has considered the world a place of temporary stay. This kind of consideration does not leave any attraction for material riches to an upright man.

Explain the lines:
Thus, scorning all the cares
That fate or fortune brings,
He makes the heaven his book.
His wisdom heavenly things.
In the lines given, the poet says that a man, who is virtuous to his fingertips, leads an upright life. Such kind of person is hardly affected by fortunes or misfortunes. The calamities may fall upon him, but he can’t be demoralized by them. The sole wealth of an upright man is his faultless character. His firm faith in God always protects his character from every kind of damage. Such a man is interested only in divine and heavenly things. This kind of religious attitude gives him peace of mind. The reading of divine books is a source of comfort and tranquility to him. The constant contemplation about heavenly things equips him with excellent kind of wisdom.

Explain the lines:
He only can behold
With unaffrighted eyes
The horrors of the deep
And terrors of the skies.

In the lines given, the poet highlights the chivalry and courage of an upright man. The poet admires his bravery which is exemplary. The upright man is daring enough to face all the dangers of the world. The calamities which can threaten his life, do not have any terror for him. He can face every trouble with bold looks. The upright man has no fear of death. The floods earthquakes and storms can never frighten him.

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